KT connects - Engaging with policy makers through media: a 101 for researchers during a time of pandemics

KT Connects (2020) - "Engaging with policy makers through media: a 101 for researchers" with Dr. Michelle Stack 

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of ensuring that health policy and practices are evidence-informed. It would be optimal if all policy makers were able to gather information from peer reviewed sources. Busy professionals, however, often don’t have the time or inclination to carefully review evidence- particularly in emergency situations when they are compelled to act quickly. Studies show that policy makers are very often influenced by what they see and hear in the mainstream media. Researchers who able to engage media have the potential to stimulate and expand public conversation on important health issues. In this webinar, Dr. Stack describes the role that media plays in policy making during times of pandemic and social disruption; shares strategies for engaging with policy makers (through mobilizing research through media), and the importance of adopting anti-oppressive approaches to media messaging that does not reinforce negative representations of systemically marginalized groups.