KT Pathways is…

A learning tool to assess your strengths and areas for further development in KT.


For KT beginners, KT Pathways is a way to learn about all the different skills involved in KT (they may be different than you think!). The assessment results will direct you to tools and resources specifically tailored for you.

For the KT pro, KT Pathways will help further your growth in the field with up-to-date tools and resources. This tool can help you identify areas for further professional development and increase your KT knowledge and skills.

KT Pathways is not…

A test or exam. KT is a journey and everyone starts somewhere.

There are many factors that may influence how we rate ourselves. Each person's assessment is a baseline on which they can measure their own learning.

Creating KT Pathways

KT narrows the gap between the generation of research evidence and its use.  Practicing KT effectively, however, requires individuals to have specific KT knowledge and skills.

Creating KT Pathways

To support the use of research evidence, the Michael Smith Health Research BC (former MSFHR) brought together a working group to conduct a scoping review to identify KT competencies of those who gather knowledge (researchers), those who broker knowledge, and those who use evidence in their work. This working group produced a protocol paper, a manuscript and a compilation of KT competencies which became the core of three KT competency pathways – one for each of the target groups.

There was a need to increase accessibility and usability of the scoping review findings. In collaboration with BC-based health authorities, universities, research institutes, the BC Ministry of Health and the BC SUPPORT Unit, Michael Smith Health Research BC initiated the development of a digital version of KT Pathways. This learning tool will help users assess and develop their KT knowledge and skills.

Partner organizations have contributed to KT Pathways through funding and/or in-kind support to further validate the competencies and ensure that KT Pathways meets the diverse needs of KT stakeholders.