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Knowledge Translation Online Curriculum (offered by Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research)

This comprehensive KT Curriculum is a teaching and learning resource developed by the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research. It includes lesson plans and provides an overview of key KT concepts. Grounded in philosophy, political science, and health research, the curriculum explores the complex ideas and theories that shape intersections among research, practice and policy processes.

Why is it useful? - KT can narrow the gaps between health research, health practice and health policy. KT concepts are universal and broadly applicable; yet teaching and learning about how to do effective KT has long been a challenge. As a useful tool for understanding major concepts, principles, and practices in KT, this curriculum fills the urgent gap between the practice of KT and its teaching. Recognizing there is much to learn from effective KT practices around the world, many examples feature evidence and experience from resource-limited settings.

Who is this Curriculum for? - Both knowledge users and knowledge producers will find this curriculum helpful. Students, instructors, researchers, knowledge brokers, health systems decision makers, health professionals, and others will find valuable learning in this curriculum.

How is the Curriculum structured? - The curriculum is organized into three modules, and then divided into lessons that can be taught individually, as a whole, or combined with other material. Lessons include a reading list (all available as PDFs), lecture (with modifiable presentations), review of major literature, diagrams and graphics, relevant quotations, and ideas for guiding group work or leading discussion.

How do I access the Curriculum? - Click on any of the modules below to access beta versions of the curriculum. For feedback, comments, or the full curriculum package, contact by email: